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Bedroomcandy – Shop more candid sex toys for your Bedroom pleasure

Choose a good and candid sex toys from our below product windows arranged category wise. Take home some interesting and candid range  at an awesome prize with discreet delivery . We at bedroomcandy have  quality silicone product, So no need to worry about getting on upto hygiene issue . We also have stock pile of water based lubricants . Apply lubricants on genitals for best result and also to get more realistic experience . Have a look at our assorted range of product for male female and couple , Sex would have not been so exciting if the innovative toys  are not in class –

Choose from the bestselling  like – Fleshlight , Vibarator Dildos and Sexy silicon doll .



 How to choose from Sex toy ?

From large heap of collection ,one often got hang between what to choose and what to finally go for . You don’t need to worry about the choices . At Bedroomcandy we arrange product categorically like that of male , female and Also cover lube and herbal with that off anal and Bondage as well . Under category of male – We got stock pile of masturbators like – Fleshlight , Pocket pussie along with Doggy style fuck pussie , Perfect vagina and ass . Milf vagina and pussy . We account for quality product and all such masturbators are made up from the quality medical and surgical using materials known as silicone . Such good realistic material is capable enough to give you realistic pleasure along with hygiene.

If you go By category of women .You will come across  Dildo Vibrator , Female Strap On , Female Vibrator Items , Pussy Pump and virgin again tampon . Explore many interesting accessories for your clitoral stimulation as well as good vaginal health . 

Why Do you need sex toy and where will you get it in India?

Sex Toys got various benefits of it’s usage .One often proceed for sexual pleasure and to fulfill their erotic gratification . Now Question arise is if one wants erotic gratification why not proceed with brothel and get on board with sex service provider who got real flesh  ? Well that’s also kind of option you got but one must have thorough with aftermath of situation .

In Places like India people often got conned and get trapped into situation if they proceed with Later option . Result being that for some temporary pleasure they get robbed and even get into serious sexual health condition . The sex provider in brothel is known to have unprotected intercourse , You need to put up lot of preventive measures if you go in casual way and don’t adopt safety measure you will get some serious sex related disease . Many individuals claim that they get more pleasure from a toy compared to having real sex, depending on the type of toy that you use . Since Our silicone made sex dolls resembles that of an actual skin of girl .

Benefits of Sex Toy

Apart from having gratification in erotic pleasure sex toy toys serves as a medium to improve your performance and improve your stamina . While you play you may develop your climax and timing . Hence such habit become useful  during your involvement with sex on bed . Other accessories for sex enhancement like penis ring which may be beneficial in curing your erectile dysfunctional .

For Couples sex toy plays a vital role in improving their relation . As frequent intercourse turns out to be fed up and fail to provide good orgasm . If you go for Bondage toys like Sex swing belt and handcuffs . You will come across certain  position that is great enough to fill you up with blast of orgasm and rejoice your long lasting touch that you been missing for long time .

In India you can get sex toy only at online store, Though physical store of sexual toy is not allowed and is punishable under Obscenity act of the Indian Court .

Why Should you shop from Bedroomcandy ?

At Bedroom candy we offer the quality and hygienic Sex toy for you to play and dwell with . All our sex toys are made up of Non porus materials like silicone . This material is pthalate free and closely resembles the actual human skin . The use of silicone is because of non porus tendency and it’s resemblance to actual skin as it is used as a medical treatment for surgery purpose .

Quality – We don’t compromise with the quality of the sex toy the material of the sex toy is pthalate free and skin friendly hence you can trust us on this .

Delivery – We provide your requirements in discreet packaging .We know how to keep with your privacy aspects and don’t let us anyone know what you had purchased and what’s there in the box .

Privacy – To keep something among our self and yourself we make sure it doesn’t get leaked out . We don’t provide and sell your information to any 3rd party for requirements . We assure your privacy at level best .

Make great choices for your erotic need . Smart choices make it’s way when you get right essentials at right time and that too with right store as well . Therefore for serving your Erotic need Bedroomcandy is all set to brace yourself with sensuality .

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