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Female sex toy

Female sex toy for spicy bedroom moment . Don’t bound yourself under cultural influence of being in taboo while obstructing sexual gratification .Therefore bedroom candy brings you a candid sex toy for your Lonely pleasure as well as your greatest moment in bedroom .

How sex toy benefits Female ?

Sex toy performs as a replacement of your regular stimulation .To put it simply, one of the reasons a sex toy has value over a real penis (or similar) is because it is different .

The difference makes the sex toy unique , Since it derives with lot of the uniqueness in it’s aspect of shape , Size and Material .

For size of the sex toy you will find every reason to crave more for it . The big size dildos have caliber to rich your core and make you scream with lots of orgasm .

When it comes to Different shape .The ridges such as rabbit year shape in vibrator will give you clitoris stimulation . The perfect hit on clitoris ensure better orgasm .

Clit stimulation is another way for women to reach orgasm . Bedroomcandy have branded one for you such as Bang Neng Lezi G-Spot Clitoral Massager.If you are not that vibration crazy then go for toy with non vibrating to enjoy .stimulation in traditional way

7,100.00 6,035.00
4,738.00 3,850.40
20,300.00 16,300.00
7,599.00 6,139.20
7,225.00 5,840.00
24,038.00 19,090.40
25,000.00 19,420.00
24,038.00 19,390.40
9,847.00 7,937.00
7,100.00 6,035.00

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