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Get your penis enlarged and thick with penis enlarger & cream from Bedroomcandy. The penis is an important asset of manhood. The Healthy large and thick penis describes the manhood perfectly. Bedroomcandy that service around Ludhiana, Punjab makes your delivery possible in a discreet way.

How to use penis enlarger pump

Using a penis pump is pretty straightforward and very rewarding as long as you follow these basic steps and helpful hints.

1. Apply a thin layer of water-based lube around the opening of the penis pump and your crotch.

2. Slide your shaft into the open end of the penis pump cylinder and press it firmly against your crotch. Your pumping session will be more effective if there’s a soft sleeve around the opening of the cylinder. The sleeve helps create a stronger seal so you don’t have to pump as hard or as long. The sleeve also makes your penis pump feel more comfortable and helps keeps your balls from being sucked inside. If your penis pump doesn’t come with a sleeve, we offer replacement sleeves.

3. Start pumping with your other hand while continuing to press the cylinder against your crotch. Every squeeze removes air from inside the penis pump to create a vacuum. This vacuum pulls extra blood into your shaft to boost your girth and length. If your penis pump comes with a clear cylinder, you can even watch your shaft grow bigger and bigger. Some penis pumps include a ruler on the side to measure your growth as well as pressure gauges to monitor the vacuum-tight seal.

4. After reaching your desired size, press the release button to break the vacuum-tight seal and remove the penis pump. Without the pump, your penis will quickly return to its normal size. However, you can preserve your new-found gains as long as possible by slipping a penis ring around the base of your shaft. You’ll still experience some shrinkage, but the ring can help keep that to a minimum.

Measurement Of Pump 

Penis enlarger pump is available in different measurements, Such as X20, X30, and X40, Choose the right size according to your penis, Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the product.

X20 and X30 are used on an average penis because it fits on the penis well.

7,767.00 6,273.00
3,663.00 2,990.00

Penis Enlarger & Cream

Penis Pro Extender USA BRCPED-003

6,800.00 5,500.00
3,163.00 2,590.00

Penis Enlarger & Cream

Titan Gel Gold BRCPEC-009

3,100.00 2,540.00

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