Virgin again as the name suggest works same like it’s name – The intact vagina with hymen which is not ruptured is  considered as good for sex drive and landmark symbol of Virginity in Indian Tradition . This product is superficially for women . In current scenario where women is all empowered and do very hard and tedious job like a man , It’s not easy to keep up with hymen without being ruptured .

Since hymen is the focus of many  traditions In Indian cultures . The newlyweds are expected to consummate the marriage immediately after the wedding ceremony and then appear before their guests with the blood-stained sheet to prove that the bride was a virgin.

Many women who have never had intercourse don’t bleed during first intercourse . As their hymen has already been disrupted . Activities such as Bicycling is the main reason behind this .

How Artificial Hymen work and why it is considered to be the milestone for virginity .

Artificial hymens are made of a material which, when properly inserted . Adhere to the inside of the vagina, temporarily giving the appearance of an intact hymen and releasing a red liquid that looks like blood when subjected to pressure .The artificial hymen reacts to heat and moisture that is present in the interior of the vagina . The artificial hymen dissolves inside the vagina and exits as blood trail to confirm the virginity .

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