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Virgin Again

Virgin again as the name suggests works the same as its name – The intact vagina with hymen which is not ruptured is considered as good for sex drive and landmark symbol of Virginity in Indian Tradition. This product is superficially for women. In the current scenario where women are all empowered and do the very hard and tedious job like a man, It’s not easy to keep up with hymen without being ruptured.

Since hymen is the focus of many traditions In Indian cultures. The newlyweds are expected to consummate the marriage immediately after the wedding ceremony and then appear before their guests with the blood-stained sheet to prove that the bride was a virgin.

Many women who have never had intercourse don’t bleed during first intercourse. As their hymen has already been disrupted. Activities such as Bicycling are the main reason behind this.

How Artificial Hymen works and why it is considered to be the milestone for virginity.

Artificial hymens are made of a material which, when properly inserted. Adhere to the inside of the vagina, temporarily giving the appearance of an intact hymen and releasing a red liquid that looks like blood when subjected to pressure. The artificial hymen reacts to heat and moisture that is present in the interior of the vagina. The artificial hymen dissolves inside the vagina and exit as a blood trail to confirm virginity.

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How to Treat Women Hymen

The women hymen in Punjab are very common. They occur when the woman reaches her menses and her vagina swells to a size which is too much for the body to bear. This results in bleeding when the vaginal muscles become aroused and a thin layer of tissue called the hymen separates from the walls of the vagina. When the woman has sexual intercourse, it tears as the blood and lubricant mix with it and causes the tearing. A thin, bloody and flaccid skin is left behind. When this happens, the hymen will be ruptured and there will be bleeding and a pain in the area. This can happen at any age but tends to become more painful after the age of twenty.

Many Indian men have been practicing the art of oral sex on their wives and girlfriends for a long time. Because of this, women hymens in Punjab have become very weak and vulnerable and can easily tear during intercourse. There have been cases of women becoming impregnated during oral sex because of the weakening hymen. This means that it is important for Indian men to be educated in how to treat women hymens so that they can perform their oral sex with confidence. Women hymen in Punjab can be treated by doctors but many people believe that a home remedy can be found easier. The best treatment for this problem is to insert herbs that will help to repair the damaged tissues in the vagina.

Herbal herbs such as sarpagandha, trifolium, gurja, gingko biloba and licorice are all known for their ability to heal the tissues surrounding the hymen. These herbs work by strengthening the body's immune system so that it can battle infections and viruses. They also have the ability to encourage natural healing that happens when the body repairs itself. The herbs that can be used to treat women hymens are all very safe to use. They are mild and are applied in small amounts so that the person using them does not get a severe case of infection. When using herbal remedies for treating women hymens, you do not have to worry about dangerous side effects. All that is needed is to use them in a gentle way so that the body is not exposed to harsh chemicals.